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Start Your Own Digital Paper Business This Summer


If you are looking to start a new business or add to your existing shop, ever popular digital paper designs make an excellent choice for a side income.

This starter bundle makes it super easy to get started right away with minimal software skills. The pattern work is done for you in these seamless repeating designs. Offering basic patterns such as stripes and polka dots you also get novelty and vintage style designs in this bundle of 624 paper overlays.

With an unlimited commercial use license you are free to make any finished paper design that does not compete with the original overlay to sell in your online shop or as freebies for your audience.

Design simply with solid color on color or use multi color combos using the selection tool to choose different areas of the design. Add textures, gradients or other patterns. Or add graphics for additional complexity. You are only limited by your imagination!

PNG files with transparent backgrounds are compatible with almost all design software but you'll want to use a platform that has the tools you need to do any of the above options. Unfortunately at this time Canva does not have the needed editing tools for this type of PNG file but I'm sure they will eventually expand that toolbox. In the meantime I recommend programs like Photoshop or the free online version Photopea.

I've made it super accessible for you to get started right away by pricing this bundle at an amazing 80% discount. You can learn more and add to cart exclusively in my shop here.

Happy designing!

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