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My Favorite Font Bundle for 2022


I am not a font hoarder. I do have more fonts than I can use, but I'm not a true collector by any means. Some of my designer colleagues have fonts by the thousands. I've whittled mine down to a few hundred (i think, honestly it's so hard to keep track).

And that's the point. Once you get beyond a certain number of fonts it becomes difficult and overwhelming to manage. I not currently doing much design work requiring loads of fonts so I'm keeping my list to the absolute best / favorites. The go-to fonts that I love the most.

I recently picked up an incredible bundle deal that has quickly become just that. My go-to font collection when I need something with a little personality. See that feature font in the image above, that one is called Shiplap. On my tech support post images I'm using Farmer's Market.

They are part of a 100 font bundle I picked up in a sale event last year and it is one of the best groups of fonts I have. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of other individual fonts I love and use often, but as a collection this one is - well, just fun.

One of the best features of the bundle that I have appreciated the most (besides fantastic font designs) is a small under-utilized organizational feature - the font file name. Not the name OF the font, but the how the font FILE has been named. Hats off to the designer for this because I LOVE it. 

Every font file begins with the letters DTC then the font name. Which means when I go to use a font in the collection they are all lined up in order as a collection in my font manager. Such a small detail but it is so very helpful when trying to manage too many fonts!

Ok, so the fonts are really the important bit. See for yourself if this collection tickles your fancy. :)

Happy creating



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