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Shopping for Vintage Fonts in 2024



Because I've been engrossed with junk journaling lately my font requirements took a different turn last year as I sought out more complex and antique looking choices.

Really good quality fonts loaded with glyphs can usually cost quite a lot. But being the frugally minded designer that I am I try to seek out resources that a bit more budget friendly. Which is why I'm sharing the gold mine of resources I found on Creative Fabrica.

Ok, so if you're in the know already CF isn't exactly a secret. I'm way late to the party. But I wanted to highlight the site specifically for fonts. Because in certain circles, CF is getting a bit of a bad rap as THE place where unscrupulous POD sellers are downloading mass amounts of graphics to upload product en masse to sites like Etsy. It's also filled with loads of low quality AI graphics.

However, the font selection is fantastic. And with the subscription price being incredibly low it's worth it just for the fonts.

The font featured above is one of my favourites - The Victorian. Here are a few more choices that I've been playing with lately.

Happy Crafting

please note :: I often recommend resources I love, some I receive an affiliate commission for at no additional cost to you, but all are resources that I personally use. I am not otherwise paid to promote.

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