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Start Your Own Digital Paper Business This Summer


If you are looking to start a new business or add to your existing shop, ever popular digital paper designs make an excellent choice for a side income.

This starter bundle makes it super easy to get started right away with minimal software skills. The pattern work is done for you in these seamless repeating designs. Offering basic patterns such as stripes and polka dots you also get novelty and vintage style designs in this bundle of 624 paper overlays.

With an unlimited commercial use license you are free to make any finished paper design that does not compete with the original overlay to sell in your online shop or as freebies for your audience.

Design simply with solid color on color or use multi color combos using the selection tool to choose different areas of the design. Add textures, gradients or other patterns. Or add graphics for additional complexity. You are only limited by your imagination!

PNG files with transparent backgrounds are compatible with almost all design software but you'll want to use a platform that has the tools you need to do any of the above options. Unfortunately at this time Canva does not have the needed editing tools for this type of PNG file but I'm sure they will eventually expand that toolbox. In the meantime I recommend programs like Photoshop or the free online version Photopea.

I've made it super accessible for you to get started right away by pricing this bundle at an amazing 80% discount. You can learn more and add to cart exclusively in my shop here.

Happy designing!

Launching my own shop and affiliate program


After selling my templates exclusively on Etsy for 6 years I have finally launched my own store front and best of all it comes with a built in affiliate program!

So why now and why did it take so long to get my shop setup? I've been an Ety seller since 2008 with my other shop Lovelytocu (now closed on Etsy). When I started Terrific Templates it was side avenue income and I really didn't give things my full attention until a few years in.

Today, Terrific Templates is my primary product line and I am just loving the niches and product types that I'm working with everyday. Because it has my full attention now I'm playing catch-up and putting in place all.the.things that are really beneficial for any business to have/do.

Etsy has also changed a lot over the past 4 years and its never been more important for online sellers to have their own space online that is not controlled by greedy over-lords.

I'm really happy to have found a shopping cart provider that works for my needs and I'm finally able to offer additional payment methods than just paypal (my Etsy shop only offers Paypal). I'm using Payhip here and so far everything is working really well, I hope you'll check it out!

Happy crafting

Making Free Printables for Your Blog Couldn't Be Easier

Creating free printables for your blog or email list is a fantastic content strategy that offers value to your audience while boosting your audience engagement and reach.

The most common choice of free printables might range from planners and checklists to worksheets and decorative art, but you are only limited by your imagination for what is possible to offer. 

Always keep in mind the niche you serve and generate free content that your audience will appreciate. By providing these resources for free, you establish yourself as a generous and knowledgeable, fostering trust and loyalty among your followers.

Coming up with ideas for free content is one thing, actually making the content is quite another. If you are a non-designer or just a complete beginner it might feel a bit daunting or time consuming to get started and offering free content on a regular basis may seem like an extra burden. But there are ways to streamline things and make it super quick and easy to do.

I've been designing templates for the past 10 years. And while the templates themselves have always made the job easier for non-designers the technical challenge was still very real for many beginners.

With tools like Canva and generative AI though, the playing field has evened out a bit and now most people can be a 'designer' with ease. So making free content to give away to your audience should be a breeze. Or is it? As a professional with loads of experience it's sometimes hard to know where the sticking points are for beginners. Drop a comment below and let me know what you struggle with most when trying to create digital printables.

I think templates are just as useful today as they ever have been and I have a comprehensive bundle for whipping up fun printables with ease. With every size of circle, square, oval or rectangle you can make stickers, labels, atc cards, craft supplies, bookmarks, gift tags or business media. And I offer a range of file formats that make app compatibility a breeze. Whether you want to work in Canva, Cricut or MS Word I've got you covered. And of course if you work in something like Adobe the templates save you setup time and all you have to do is insert your design.

Making free content really couldn't be easier! Checkout my beginner tutorials if you're technically challenged as the stencil template allows for easy design in any program with almost no skills required.

Visit my shop for even more great template ideas that will get you going with loads of free printable ideas for your audience!

Happy designing

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