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Make Colorful Tab Dividers for Spring


Make these easy to create tab dividers for a custom look in your journal or planner!

This is not a full tutorial, but an inspiration design post with a few tips to quickly create these using my handy templates.

Every software program will have slightly different steps depending on the file format you're using, so make use of google to search for tutorials on specific steps you get stuck on with your program of choice!

Use the stencil window template in programs like Word or Canva for super fast designs. In this example I simply added colorful rectangles on a blank canvas then dropped the template on top. A few quick adjustments to the color strip placement and instant presto, I have a ready to print and cut tab sheet.


If you are using Cricut, upload the SVG file and you can directly edit the tabs however you want right in Design Space. Beware of the print and cut sizing though, you'll need to lose a column of tabs to accommodate!

Want to edit in Photoshop, Photopea or PS Elements? Use the PSD file and simply change the shape colors individually or by row in just a couple clicks. Use the clipping mask tool to insert patterns.

You can also edit these in just about any other program, just look for the file format compatibility and use the correct file for your program.

Add additional details like labels or icons to further personalize. You get to create whatever you want with these!

Resources Used:
Tab template from my shop

Happy Crafting

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