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Make Vintage Inspired Bookmark Printables


Today's design inspiration is a set of vintage fashion bookmarks that are easy to make in four simple steps. 

This is an inspirational guide and not a tutorial so while I will give you the break down of each step I won't be covering all of the in depth details - this will depend which software tool you are using. I'm using photoshop, if you don't have this you can always use the free online version Photopea.

I'll provide a list of the resources used at the bottom of this post.

Let's get started!

As mentioned already I made these pretty quickly in just four steps. The part that took the longest was actually choosing which digital resources I wanted to use and I chose 3 elements from my shop for the design as well as the bookmark template. You'll find those links down below.

Step 1: I applied an abstract watercolor background to each bookmark using the clipping mask. I used just one paper but positioned it differently on each so they match but aren't identical.

Step 2: Next I added a vignette edge to the bookmark shape. In photoshop I like to use the inner glow style tool with adjusted settings that add a nice uniform blur edge. I've included a screenshot of my settings for that below.

Step 3: For some added detail I picked out a set of flower overlays, changing them from black to white with an opacity of 40% and applied with the clipping mask on top of the background paper.

Step 4: Finally, I added the main element, a series of vintage fashion graphics from the 1940s. I used the clipping mask again and used the multiply blend mode to merge them more into the other layers. This removed all the white parts of the graphics and gives it a really nice look.

And that's it. Just save, print and cutout. 

Here's a visual of each of the above steps as they were applied:

And here is a screenshot of the inner glow settings I used:

All of the resources used are available in my shop:

1. Bookmark template

2. Paper backgrounds

3. Vintage graphics

4. Flower overlays

Feel free to swipe this idea for yourself and have fun making your own bookmarks or other printables!

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