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How to Duplicate Shapes in Photopea


 Following on from my last tutorial where I showed how to insert an image into a shape using the clipping mask in Photopea, I'm going to now create a repeating printable page from that one tag I made.

This tutorial is useful if you want to quickly make a page of duplicates from one image with having to make each one separately.

Please bear in mind, there are many ways to use the tools in Photopea and I am showing just one method here. This is what I consider to be the easiest choice using my templates and having added an image into a shape using the clipping mask.

To begin open Photopea in your web browser.

Step 1:

I left off in the last tutorial with my gift tag template and I had inserted an image into the first tag. Now let's repeat that tag across the page in place of the blank ones.

To start, I want to close the tag folder just to make things easier to view. I'm also going to turn off tags 2 - 4 by clicking the eye icon for each layer. 

With the tag layer selected in the layers palette, I'll use a keyboard shortcut and click Ctrl + J.

Alternatively you'll find this command from the top menu bar under Layer>Duplicate Layer.


Step 2:

After hitting Ctrl + J you'll get a duplicate layer in the layers palette but the new tag layer on the canvas is stacked on top of the first tag. Let's drag that to the right while holding down the shift key.

Holding down the shift key keeps the layer moving only in a straight line while dragging it. Place it directly inline with the blank tag below it.

Repeat this step two more times so that you have a full row of tags. As below.


Step 3:

To create to more rows we're going to do a similar action, this time by duplicating the whole row.

Close row 1 and ensure it is selected, turn off rows 2 and 3, then repeat as above clicking Ctrl + J to duplicate the row. Holding shift drag each row down into place on the canvas.

And you're done. A full printable sheet of the same tag in a few simple steps.

To save, go to the top menu File>Export As and choose your file type. To save as a PNG file with a transparent background just be sure to turn off the background layer before saving. If saving as a PSD file make sure to re-name it so you don't accidentally save over the original blank template.


Happy Crafting

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