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Can I Edit This File Template in Canva?


In my Etsy shop I get this question a lot for my templates. Given the popularity of Canva it's a reasonable question and many 'would be' customers possibly even expect that of course these will work in Canva.

Unfortunately, that's not at all the case, so if you're a Canva user it's important to understand exactly how their service works, what's possible and what isn't.

Canva operates a closed system. That means files made in Canva can only be edited in Canva and files not made in Canva cannot be edited there (or least very minimally so).

So basically, if you want to work in Canva with templates you have to buy Canva specific templates. 

And because Canva templates can only be edited in Canva, sellers will always have them very clearly labelled as Canva templates.

Designers (like me currently) who do not label their templates as Canva specific therefore, are not designing templates made for use in the Canva program. It's just that simple.

If you have followed that so far, the next question might be, is there nothing I can import into Canva for my design projects? And the answer is: yes, there is!

But elements imported in Canva are currently very restricted in how you can use or edit them so you need to tailor your expectations accordingly. For the most part you should expect that anything you upload into Canva is going to have to be used almost exactly 'as is'.

And here is where there is one possibility with my own templates that could allow you to use them in that somewhat restricted way, but still used in Canva anyway. 

And that's with my stencil style file format. These are saved as PNG files meant to be used in any program and you just stack your design elements underneath it. Like in the example below:

I offer this file format where applicable with all of my templates.

It may not be the most elegant way to design but it does the job and works just fine for simpler projects. 

Templates with a lot more parts to it may not be as easy to work with here, but it also depends on your experience, skill and patience with the program.

happy designing!

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