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How to Take a Screenshot on PC Desktop


Sometimes you'll need to grab a screenshot from your computer screen, whether it's because of a tech issue you need help with or something you just need to share and if you've done that before it can feel a little frustrating to figure it out in the moment.

Luckily your PC comes with built in tools to assist and make this a super easy and super quick task.

There are two options depending on how much of your screen you want to share:

1. The entire screen

To create and save the screenshot, just tap the Windows key + Print Screen key at the same time.  The screenshot will be saved instantly to your Pictures > Screenshots folder.

And it's just as easy as that. Should you really not want to share the entire picture you just snapped, you can quickly crop out the parts you want to hide, or you can use the second method below.

Here's a keyboard pic showing where the Windows and Print Screen keys are:

2. A specific portion of your screen

To create and save just a portion of your computer screen you'll click on just the Print Screen button (as shown above). A plus sign with dotted lines will appear which you can move around with your mouse to position how you need. Just click and drag to create a box around the part of your screen you want to capture.

Once you release the mouse to create the box a dialog box will pop up with various ways to save the screen grab. You ca use whichever most suits your needs, but the first option 'Save as (displaying dialog)' is most likely the best choice. This option will bring up a save dialog box similar to that of other programs where you just name your file, choose a location to save to and click 'ok'.

And that's it, you now have an image of your screen that you can share however you want, right from your desktop in just a couple clicks.


Happy computing




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