Make a calendar for any year with this easy to use calendar builder set! I just recently updated this builder to include the added option of weeks starting on a Monday as well as an SVG file formats and ready to use month titles in co-ordinating fonts.

Making a calendar from scratch is a tedious endeavor, so having tools to help out can save so much time and frustration, especially if you're just looking to drop it in as an added element in your design (like a planner page).

Saved as PNG overlays in 3 sizes, the months are super easy to add anywhere you want. With the extra SVG option you can now use these in your cutting machine software with ease and re-size as needed.


All you need to do to make a calendar for any year is select the month format from the neatly organized folders based on how many days are in the month, what day of the week the month starts on for the year in question and whether you want your calendar to run as Sun-Sat or Mon-Sun.

Then you just add the month label required and repeat for each month! It's super easy.

You'll find these in my shop


happy crafting!